This is Eric and our youngest, although he is a lot bigger now, but I love this picture 😊



and this is me…


We have lived in four states, one of them 4 times and one of them twice. When Eric went active duty I made the comment that I’d follow him wherever the Army took him but when we were done I get to pick where we land for good. Well we still haven’t reached that point, but we are getting closer with each year. Which has us thinking about what to do after that time does arrive.

We love Oklahoma, BOOMER SOONER! I also fell in love with the mountains in NC, “the mountains are calling and I must go!” Of course there’s the beauty of Tennessee that we’ve admired on our trips across the States. Or the gorgeous farms that we seen on our trip to Pennsylvania. The options are limitless really. However, one thing I do know, I don’t want stairs in my home. Apparently the East like to build houses with stairs. It’s really hard to find a home that doesn’t have two stories in the towns we’ve lived in for some reason. So, whatever state we end up in, no stairs for this gal, please. 😉


One more thing I know for certain, one of the gifts that Eric has been given is in his craftsmanship. He has talent that has to be used. Our dining table, for example. When we moved from our small home into our next home our dining table that was a little too large for our small home, looked a bit like it belonged in our daughters doll house. So, he got the original plans from Ana White (thank you Ana!). After he built it I loved it! So we used it for a while and it seemed a little narrow for what I was thinking. At that time we had 4 kids and so I asked, can you take this table and kinda expand it a little by making a frame of sorts around it? I just need it to fit the Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner we have each year… so this man who loves me, takes the top off and back out to the garage he goes. And, we ended up with this: (the matching bench came later)


I loved it even more and each morning, noon and evening when we sit down to have meals at it, I love it even more. And just so you know, it does, in fact hold all of our holiday dishes😇

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