Getting Started

So, who are we? Why did we choose 8-Point as our name?  There are a billion places where you can buy furniture from, even hand-made furniture, so why are we any different?

Our names are Eric and Michelle. We have been married for 16 years, we have 5 kids (ages 2-10). For those bold enough to ask to our faces and those curious but polite enough not to, yes I had them all and yes they’re all his. We are a military family, adapt and overcome right? 😉 The life we live has had it’s ups and downs just like everyone else’s. Eric has proudly put on his uniform for the last 17 years (15 active duty) and served to the best of his ability wherever he has been placed. I homeschool our 5 kids (well 3 of them technically right now 😊), and have for the last 3 years. Chaos more than sometimes reigns in this house but we do our best to follow the Lord in his plans for us. We are taking a step of faith, with God as our lead, so with God + the 7 of us, we have become 8-Points and where He leads we will follow.

We moved from OK to NC about 5 years ago, and we moved from a house that was our first starter home, 1000 sq ft, into a much larger home that would fit us and our growing family. Only, what we didn’t expect was how bare it would look once we moved the furniture we had in. So, out of necessity, Eric started to build for us. We found an estate sale that was selling 100 year old barn wood and bought some. He took this rickety-looking old wood and built our kitchen table first. And it was beautiful! I loved it. (And if there was ever a catastrophe and I could get my family and one object out, it would be that table.) When he made that table he found a hobby he truly enjoyed, something where he could take raw, uneven, what appeared to be unusable lumber and turn it into useful pieces of beauty.

So, from there every time I have had a thought and come to him with it, he goes out and creates something much better than I could ever imagine for our home. Currently we live in SC, he is still in the Army, but one day he won’t be, and with his passion for building and his eye for seeing beauty in the ashes of old, forgotten, lumber, we know that he will create beautiful pieces for many, many, more spaces!481BD512-3ECF-49FA-BE02-56C6441FB144

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