Cherished Chaos

Living in a house with five kids is a daily adventure, one that comes with lots of noise, fussing, tattle-telling and bickering. It’s also one that comes with the beauty of hearing lots of I love yous, many helping hands, laughter and playing. It comes almost daily with at least one handful of “dowies” (our 2 year old’s word for flowers) and an uncountable number of hugs and kisses. 

It also comes with an uncountable number of messes. It has been a lesson in patience and endurance and letting it go for many years. I like clean spaces; my mind thrives when things are in their place and I can physically feel myself cringe when things are just strewn about without a purpose. When there is not a soul around but the toys are from here to Kingdom come or when everyone is outside playing and I walk by a room and it looks like I might have been the lucky survivor of what apparently was a very destructive tornado.


Of course with that many kids there is always going to be a mess (hence the lesson in patience, endurance and letting it go). However there are things that I have been able to do to help alleviate some of the stressors that arise with those messes.

Enter my ever-helpful husband:

After we started having more and more shoes just lying around I needed order. I was tired of having shoes in a heap and having to fight through them all to get to a certain pair. So after I told Eric what I was looking for he came up with a solution. This was before our little red head came along, so eventually we’ll have to look at making one with seven spaces but this still works perfectly and daddy doesn’t mind sharing 😊. In our house in NC this fit perfectly in our mud room and we had a coat rack that matched hanging above it and it was perfect! However, this isn’t our house and I doubt they would like it if we permanently affixed a coat rack to their wall, but this shoe storage is still a huge stress relief to this mama❤️

Chaos definitely has a way of showing up pretty much on a daily basis around here, there are lots of variables that I can’t control, but what a blessing it is to have a husband with the ability and willingness to help control the things we can, making things custom so they work exactly how and where they’re needed, so we can focus more on the love and laughter and less on the disaster.

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