Ready to Begin Again

Eric just returned from a deployment a few weeks ago.


Obviously, while he was away he had to put aside building and wasn’t able to do anything for the months he was gone. Now that he’s back, however, he has big plans to make our two daughters new beds. Right now they share a bed that has served its purpose, but having to sleep with one of these girls is like trying to sleep with a tornado, so giving them their own bed makes much more sense. 

So, Eric’s plan is to make them each a twin size bed with a drawer underneath for clothes storage. (Hallelujah!) I look forward to documenting the process and being able to put two excited girls in their own bed without having to hear about who put who’s foot in the others face the next morning or how many times someone kicked the other throughout the night. I’m sure they’ll find something else to bicker about, afterall they’re sisters sharing a room, but at least this particular issue will be behind us. 

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