Beds complete (almost)

Eric and the boys worked hard on building these beds for the girls. It warmed my heart to see our oldest put in the work that he did to help his daddy. He’s getting so big and even though it scares my momma heart to death, seeing my husband working with our son(s) on these things more than make up for it!

The girls’ beds have been done for about a week or so, but I haven’t had a chance to upload the pics until now. We had a virus go through the family so that has delayed the drawers, so those pics will come later. 

We had to order mattresses and they didn’t come in until Monday but the girls have enjoyed having their own space to sleep since then. I wish it would have helped with the getting up at 5 am struggle, but alas they are morning people and apparently that doesn’t seem to be about to change anytime soon. For now we are just happy that the “she took my blankets!” “she’s on my side of the bed!” struggle is behind us. Did I mention that I love how handy and capable my husband is?? Two beds, real wood, handmade, guaranteed to last much longer than anything you can buy that’s been mass produced? Yes Please! 

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